Youth Work Pioneers Club

Membership in the Youth Work Pioneers Club is limited to young business owners and established institutions, with the club’s policy independence in the interest of members and the community

language.Our events are widely recognized and highly respected due to the level of presentation and communication opportunities offered by the club
The club is also neutral and provides a range of opinions to allow members to adapt to changing business and social environments.
language.The Youth Work Pioneers Club is considered a reliable gateway to the local and regional commercial sector
We are fully committed to helping our diverse group of members in many ways. Our members range from beginners to highly experienced investors and institutions in all markets. The club can assist members by:
• Creating a platform for connecting young investors and established institutions.
Understanding the entrepreneurship process and risk management
Keeping up with local and global news and developments that may affect your entrepreneurial activities
Establishing and managing social networking events and training courses
Meeting other investors and established institutions